Wednesday, August 23, 2017

You Know What? I Don't Care Anymore.

 I don't know if anyone has noticed, but I've been kinda quiet the past week or so.

*insert snarky comments about how much I talk here*

Well the reason I've been so quiet is not because I've been depressed (even though I have been) or because I'm a supermom and I've spent the last two weeks being totally involved with my children and their back to school stuff ( because I haven't.). I've just been thinking and thinking a lot.

I've been thinking about politics, terrorism, racism, and in the words of  John Lennon, all the other "ism, ism, isms" and I've come to a major decision...

I am done caring about all of it. That's right, anything I don't have control over, I am done giving a shit about.
  • I'm done caring about Trump and all the drama he stirs up everyday.
  • I'm done getting upset when people I love disagree with me about politics.
  • I'm done worrying about the KKK, Nazis and White Supremacists.
  • I'm done worrying about possibly being blown up in WWIII.
  • I'm done listening to people argue about all of the above.
  • I'm done being anxious over world events that could or couldn't happen.
  • I'm done worrying about what others think of me because of my political and religious beliefs.
  • I'm done caring how many readers/followers I have here and on social media.
Why am I doing this? Because it is causing me extra anxiety I don't need, and to be honest it is fucking with my ability to be compassionate. At this moment, I literally don't have any compassion for other human beings because I feel like everyone is an asshole in some fashion and they don't deserve it. I started to realize in the past week that this was a major issue with me when I found myself more concerned with the welfare of animals than people on TV and in real life including friends and family. This is not who I want to be, and this is just the first step I'm taking to fix things.

Does this mean I'm stopping blogging? Fuck no, I love it too much, and the same goes for being on Facebook and Twitter as well. I'm just going to avoid all of the above list while still being social. I do ask one favor though, please don't try to talk about anything on the above list with me and respect the change I'm making in my life.

So, do I care that this post is short? Nope. Either you will read it or you won't. All I care about right now is not caring so I can get back to caring (and empathizing) again.

So until next time...

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